Dashi (Japanese soup stock)

1000ml water
20g dried kelp
60g dried bonito flakes, shredded
30ml water
Japanese cuisine

culinary stock

1. Place the water and dried kelp in a pot.

2. Cook over low to medium heat for 10 minutes, ajusting the heat.
It should boil after ten minutes cooking.

3. Once boil, remove the kelp from the pot.
Make sure that the kelp is soft using a finger nail.

4. Add 30ml water to stop boiling and add dried bonito flakes at once.

5. Before it boils again, remove from the heat.

6. When the bonito flakes starts to sink to the bottom of the pot,
skim the scum.

7. Pour the liquid very gently into a bowl
through a sieve with cloth on top.

This is "the ichiban-dashi",
meaning the first dashi.

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